H6 Roller Bearing Tabscrew Kit

H6 Roller Bearing Tabscrew Kit

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This kit contains all the necessary parts to change the bearings in your propeller.

Tools required for maintenance and fitting/removal. Parts available.
Selection of Allen keys. 
Small punch. 
Small flat blade screwdriver.  
Torque spanner.
Autoprop bearing retaining cap peg spanner. (APPEGSPANNER4PKIT)
Autoprop lock screw spanner. (H6H9LSSPANNER)
Autoprop nut spanner. (H6NUTSPANNER)
Autoprop grease nipple. (APGN00.125BSP)
Autoprop grease gun hose. (APRBGH)
Autoprop grease gun. (APRBGG)
Socket spanner for propeller shaft nut.
Prop puller small kit. (PPSKIT) Tool for Autoprop removal.

Click here for H6 rollerbearing tabscrew bearing replacement instructions. 

Product code -  H6RBTSKIT

Part No. Quantity  Part Description
M40.00X02.50'O'RINGNITRILE70 3 40.0mm Inner Dia x 2.50mm Section "O" Ring Nitrile 70 Shore
BEARING32004X 3 Taper Roller Bearing 32004X
BEARING51110 3 Thrust Race Bearing 51110
H6TSLN 3 H6 Tabscrew Locking Nut
H6LS 3 H6 Roller Bearing Autoprop Seal
M5X6BUTHDSSA4 6 M5 x 6.0mm Button head Screw Stainless Steel A4
H6AN 1 H6 Zinc Anode
M8X25CHHDNY 1 M8 x 25.0mm Cheese Head Screw Nylon
Threadlocker WT03 - Loctite equivalent 2400 1 Threadlocker WT03 - 5ml Bottle
M04.50X01.00'O'RINGNITRILE70 6 4.5mm Inner Diameter x 1.0mm Section "O" Ring Nitrile 70 Shore
H6RBTS 3 H6 Roller Bearing Tab Screw